Layered Navigation

MAgento has something called layered navigation. This is where you are browsing that in a module position filtering options are dynamically created to allow you to reduce the number of results and this can be by a variety of selectable options and variables.

How to create custom layered navigation filter for filtering products on sale in Magento


This thread from stackexchange shows you how to disable layered navigation.


A YouTube video on How to configure your categories and attributes for layered navigation in Magento.



Layered navigation is a very useful feature of Magento. However, if for some reason you want to disable it, there are a few things that you can do.


I'm trying to move the layered navigation block from the left sidebar to a div in my /catalog/product/list.phtml


For some stores, on the category pages you will want your customers to be able to filter products based on different attributes. Magento calls this Layered Navigation. Well, at least they do in the layout code and in documentation.

However, whe ...


This is another popular question. Often you want to show items on a CMS page rather than a regular category page. But you still want to have the layered navigation to filter results like it appears by default with Magento at the category level (when li ...


I have CMS page which outputs list of all products. It uses block created by custom extension.

The problem is that it does not output Layered Navigation filters.


This is the page for 'Layered Navigation' in the official Magento User Guide


How to rewrite Magento's layered navigation so that all of the "filters" are visible all the time - re-filter products in category without returning to the category view.


I'm using drop-down attributes and setting them with 'Use in Layered Navigation' but there not appearing.

Any sugesstions why?! This StackOverflow thread gives thos answers.


A video tutorial explaining how to fix Magento layered navigation SEO issues.


This tutorial shows how to get rid of missing 'Shop by' navigation block in some categories. This well written article also has images making the process clear.


This thread from stackexchange shows you how to disable layered navigation.


With three level category tree (can be more!) where we want the highest level not to be set to 'anchor' but want the next level down to be an 'anchor', what would we do with the lowest level? Set it to 'anchor' or not?


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