Below is the list with 101 ways to speed up your Magento site… Well ok, at the moment I have only 30 45 54 ways< ...


Taking any website live can be a very stressful time as a developer. Your client is pushing to go live as soon as possible and the pressure can make it easy to forget steps. I’ve compiled some tips and tricks that I have picked up on ...

By default, Magento does not automatically add on trailing url's to the end of every URL. In a database-driven cms system, you will be penalized for this by having two urls' with duplicate content: ...


This is a good thread with ideas on where to start if you want 'Advanced Level' learning for Magento.


Nothing is created equal, they say. They are wrong. And if you own an online shop, you are the one who knows that perfectly well as many pages on your site are literary equal, aren’t they? Our extensive guide will help you to solve the problem of ...


Things might always go wrong: Magento is a complex application and when you run into problems, analysing these problems is difficult unless you know where to look. This tutorial helps you with inspecting the right logfiles to track problems down.


Another Bug - After successful checkout, the cart is not empty Forum Thread


Best way to remove Session ID (SID) parameter from being indexed by Search Engines forum thread.


This is a tutorial on creating a magento theme from beginning to end. It includes videos along the way and is easy to read. This tutorial can also be used as a reference guide for fixing theme issues.


In Magento Commerce, the question of how do you best build products with multiple options isn't straightforward. In this tutorial, Lonny Burgos, a MagentoCertified Developer, guides you through the process.


In this article by William Rice, we will see how to create Tax Rules in Magento. In the real world, the tax rate that you pay is based on three things: location, product type, and purchaser type. In Magento, we can create Tax Rules that determi ...


This is a very advanced article on debugging magenot but at least it can give you an overview of where to look if there are some real issues you need to find on you shop.



When I began using Magento 9 months ago on our live website, our customer service department occasionally would get emails or phone calls about people having trouble checking out. We spent months tryin ...


Within Magento you have the option to add URL Rewrites (also commonly called Search Engine Friendly URLs) to make your weblinks more readable to both search engines as visitors. Sometimes issues arise when using these URL Rewrites, fo ...


An article on, Four things to check when your Magento categories do not show


An article on how to configure the Magento Wishlist Module.


How many different ways to insert image in magento cms page? This article shows you all the different methods.


Here at Demac Media we see a lot of customization on our websites as all clients are different and have different needs. A common trend I’ve seen among a few large sites is the ability to have category landing pages. Essentially, a landing page a ...


To protect your Magento backend against hackers and brute-force attacks, we recommend that you change the default URL to the Magento Admin Panel. It is a quick way to add an extra layer of security to your site.

Follow these steps to ...


Jeff Finkelstein, founder of Customer Paradigm, gives an unbiased comparison between Magento Enterprise & Magento Community to help you decide between the two.