Vertical Navigation

Magento by default does not have any vertical navigation blocks.

This guide shows you how to create and style your own left category menu.


I have found some code to show a vertical menu of the current categorie with its children, and on the homepage the root category and everything works fine except 1 little detail.


Im using code that i found on a magento wiki page about showing All categories (Here).

However when i ...


There are a lot of tutorials out there for doing this. I wanted to poke in a little further to make it clear exactly what you are doing. I also wanted to point out that doing this by updating catalog.xml or page.xml is entirely wrong. 99% of these type ...


I am trying to customize header menu and vertical menu (left menu) in magneto cms

When i click on the category, i will be redirected to next page but the complete list of categories is no more displayed on that page. I just want the complete li ...