PayPal Website Payments Standard not displayed

PayPal is not getting presented as a payment option when a customer is checking out.

I've copied new Paypal and Checkout template folders into my site from all sorts of magento versions, and I still can't get the icon to show at my checkout. It works on a few other sites I've created.

Does anyone have any ideas why I can't get ...


We have a store setup using Magento, we subscribed to Paypal Payflow Pro service and have filled in all the info required but when we go to check out paypal does not show up as an option.

I have tried a few things like checking the regional set ...


After I fill in all the information in the backend of my Magento installation as described here, the Paypal option is not available ...


I am having problem in displaying PayPal payment method in payment method section of onepage checkout in Magento.

I am using “PayPal Website Payments Standard“.

I have enabled this module from backend (...