SEO (Magento Only)

There are a lot of SEO issues that are specific to Magento and they are placed here.

10 Techniques To Optimize Your Magento Theme. How to speed up your Magento store by optimizing speed, CSS, HTTP requests, other Magento optimization factors.


When dealing with Magento store’s SEO, these are the 7 most common basic mistakes I encounter. Some of these are inherited from the development stage of your projects. I hope this checklist will be useful for anyone launching a new store or check ...


Magento is a hugely popular, open source ecommerce platform that powers well over 100,000 transactional websites across the world.

A number of our SEO clients have Magento websites, which has required us to deal with a host of issues over the l ...


Now, if you’ve ever worked on Magento as an E-Commerce CMS, it’s a real pig to put the proper SEO techniques in place, especially if nobody’s ever used it (ouch!!). Long story short, after correcting most of the usual issues created b ...


Within Magento you have the option to add URL Rewrites (also commonly called Search Engine Friendly URLs) to make your weblinks more readable to both search engines as visitors. Sometimes issues arise when using these URL Rewrites, for instance when a ...


Magento has several issues with duplicated content. Of course, you don’t actually have two versions of the same content in your database, however, in the eyes of search engines, two different URLs serving same content are counted as duplicated co ...


See here an example of Magento robots.txt that improves SEO. Including the solution to let Google reindex the changed robots.txt


Out of the box, Magento SEO is reasonably fine, after applying these tips, it becomes a rock solid ranking machine, selling your products all day long!


Covering the major issues with Magento and SEO. I explain why Magento 'out of the box' will kill your SEO rankings unless you do something about it. Magento is NOT plug and play when it comes to SEO.


Magento Commerce is a search engine friendly shopping cart, but this can further be optimized by utilizing some tips and tricks to improve the seo friendliness


Magento has been built as an SEO Friendly platform but still requires certain setup and configuration. As a team of UK Magento Developers we have built and migrated dozens of clients eCommerce sites to Magento. Although as a platform it is SEO friendly ...


Here are some Magento SEO tips that will help you make use of the inbuilt tools Magento has available to maximise your chances of getting found. There are also and a few extra tricks to be found along the way… 


A video tutorial explaining how to fix Magento layered navigation SEO issues.


A very common concern (and rightfully so) for online store owners who consider switching to Magento from another e-commerce platform is will they be able to preserve their organic search engine rankings. The short answer is: probably yes. A bit more ac ...


It’s important to make sure any default behaviors don’t prevent your site from being indexed correctly by the search engines.  And while the Magento system out-of-the-box isn’t that bad when it comes to SEO, one particular weakne ...


The Magento ecommerce platform has been receive quite a bit of media attention recently – and for good reason!  Available in both free open source and paid enterprise-level versions, the system is full-featured and provides a great customer ...


Looking to optimize your Magento site for search? It's easier than you think and well worth the effort. With a few simple adjustments, your site could be a favorite of search engines and web searchers.


Faceted nav also has SEO benefits, in that these facets serve as keyword-rich links and 'tags' of sort that add semantic relevance to the products contained within each facet.

But ...