This coategory is about Magento Blocks, how to configure and use them.

This thread deal with the before/after statemenst in XML files and how you can use this to place your blocks.


To show static block in phtml pages in magento follow this article and use the code here.


I'm inserting a cms static block via a widget instance - and I'd like to output the static block title as well as it's content, from within my widget template.


In this video-tutorila you will learn how to create a static block from the Magento Admin-panel, and call it from a .phtml file. In this example, we will add a link as a Static Block, but you can make a static block of whatever you want.


We describe how you can insert the block into place you want without template editing using layouts and observers.


This tutorial shows how to manage Magento Static Blocks. There is also a video.


I have changed magento signup page layout from 1column.phtml to 2columns-left.phtml in customer.xml. I need to display only one block on my magento Signup page left panel. All other blocks should be removed from the page.

Currently I am getting ...


I have created a custom form that loads on an iframe. It also has the send.php form which is a custom file also. I need as a thank you message though to load the content from a static block so client can change it.

How can I load the text from ...


The 18th tutorial for Magento Commerce Community Edition. This tutorial shows you how to create, edit and display static blocks using widgets.


Having an eCommerce Magento site and longing for more graphics, messages or charts? Wondering if you can do it manually? Sure! You can get it done with ease by creating a static block of your desired content and call it onto your front-end. Let me show ...


I'm a front-end Magento dev, have built quite a few of my own themes and I want to understand Magento's XML block positioning better...

This is an indepth article on the use of before/after statements in your XML layout files when using blocks. ...


How do I use a layout xml file to remove an already existing block? Specifically, I want to remove the block named "currency" from the block named "top.switches".


I just want to understand the meaning of



I’m trying to re-organise my right sidebar. In the template (2columns-right), it calls:


Where can i find the content of this variable?