Magento uses a XML format for controlling the layout and this can be tricky to use, hopefully this category will help.

I’ve been handed a layout to build for a Magento project which uses a 1-column layout for the catalog category view. Out-of-the-box Magento uses the 3-column layout. To change the default behaviour I added the following to my "app/design/frontend ...


Here, I will show you how you can change the default page layout in Magento. By page layout, I mean all CMS page, category page, etc. There are different ways to change the page layout in Magento.


The default Magento catalog grid is set to display 3 products per column. Most users alter the number of columns by modifying the file catalog/product/list.phtml. There’s actually a much cleaner approach to this task and you only ...


I want to change my category page layout to 2columns-left.phtml. The default is a 3 column layout. I only want to set the category page layout to 2columns-left.phtml. The rest should keep the default page layout (3 columns). How can I do this?


In this tutorial, we introduce the Magento layout by creating a simple module that will add some custom HTML content to the bottom of every customer-facing page, in a non-intrusive manner. In other words, we will do so without actually modifying any Ma ...


Part 1 of our Magento Layout XML tutorial series. Explains the layout rendering process and gives insight into the various XML elements controlling it.


In this article, I’m going to be covering what I believe to be a very effective way of modifying the layout of any Magento theme by using layout.xml


I want to use a customized template file for magento homepage. I used the following code in the layout/local.xml file of my theme as described in this