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It’s time to adopt something exceptional and dynamic for e-Commerce owners, especially if they are looking to make their e-Commerce business on the top of the search engine. Running a successful e-Commerce business in this competitive m ...


As a new online business owner, you’ll find that the more you learn about running an online store, the more there is to learn. From small tips and tricks to complete overhauls, you can always improve your online store. The front office display, u ...


It’s common for online merchants to think that by simply listing hundreds or even thousands of products on their e-commerce website, search engine traffic will start rolling in. It turns out that is far from reality.

The sad fact is, opti ...


Avoid the common mistakes while writing a copy for your ecommerce products. This article provides a list of do's and don'ts to improve your business standards via copywriting.


We welcome Neil Patel. He has teamed up with PrestaShop to give you smart SEO pointers for anyone starting an online Ecommerce store. What would be your first steps in starting SEO for a newly launched e-commerce site?


It is no secret that for the majority of ecommerce website owners, generating more traffic and sales is the key to success. Knowing where to start and what to do is not always clear which is why we have decided to create our own practical guide to Ecom ...


In our last edition of the SEO Expert Series, we interviewed Rand Fishkin of Moz. Today, we have the pleasure of meeting with with Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder & CMO of Raven Internet Marketing Tools. You might have seen him speaking at the largest onli ...


With Google cracking down on questionable (or downright dirty) eCommerce SEO behavior, following best practices become more important than ever. Don't sacrifice higher rankings -- and lose out on potential revenue -- join us to learn how you can optimi ...