When dealing with Magento store’s SEO, these are the 7 most common basic mistakes I encounter. Some of these are inherited from the development stage of your projects. I hope this checklist will be useful for anyone launching a new store or check ...


Product detail pages are critical for ecommerce sites. They are also the ones Google and other search engines have the most trouble with.


Out of the box, Magento SEO is reasonably fine, after applying these tips, it becomes a rock solid ranking machine, selling your products all day long!


The following list with common Magento seo issues is for all shop owners to prove there stores. If you launch a new store this checklist will help you to configure most basic SEO settings for Magento.


A brief video on how to optimise your on page content on Magento, basic, yet often not implemented SEO strategies to give your content a boost in the search engines.


How to implement best practice SEO in Magento: e-commerce article by Screen Pages.


The Magento ecommerce platform has been receive quite a bit of media attention recently – and for good reason!  Available in both free open source and paid enterprise-level versions, the system is full-featured and provides a great customer ...


I'm a big fan of faceted navigation on ecommerce websites, also known as layered navigation. With faceted nav users can find exactly what they're looking for with just a few clicks, even on websites that contain tens of thousands of produc ...


What can you do to optimize your Magento webshop for Google and other search engines? Read on in our ultimate list of Magento SEO tips and tricks.