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QWcrm is Finished - What now?

This is just a quick post to let people know that I am going to now upgrade this website and turn the forum on etc.. I will also do some documentation for QWcrm. I should not be too long getting things sorted, the hard work is already done. shoulders

QWcrm Update report

‚ÄčI have been working hard and as an overview I have done the following Modules code re-written Workorder (this is the heart of QWcrm) Schedule - This all now works Core - main templates (ie header, footer, menu, debug) System - all the main functions, page router, translations and more Modules that are mostly done expense help refund report supplie...
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QWcrm First Progress Report

I thought I would take a moment and update everyone on where the project was and what I have been doing. I have been doing a full code re-write of QWcrm because the code I inherited from MyITCRM was in such a mess improvements or bug fixing was incredibly difficult. This has taken longer than I thought because of all the problems I have found and n...
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