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QWcrm Update report

​I have been working hard and as an overview I have done the following

Modules code re-written

  • Workorder (this is the heart of QWcrm)
  • Schedule - This all now works
  • Core - main templates (ie header, footer, menu, debug)
  • System - all the main functions, page router, translations and more

Modules that are mostly done

  • expense
  • help
  • refund
  • report
  • supplier
  • user

Modules to do

  • administrator
  • billing (will be called payment)
  • company
  • customer
  • employee
  • invoice

The module left to do are not as complicated as the ones I have already done and a lot of the custom code and fuctions I have already written will be re-used. Development will get a lot quicker as all the hard work i have put in is now helping me. The code re-write was the absolutely best thing to do.

Any more info

here is a list of what I have been doing, it is just copied and pasted from my notes.

  • force SSL
  • fixed schedule code
  • changed schedule to 24 hours
  • company hours now supports 15 minute intervals
  • can edit a schedule item including time and employee
  • new information and warning system so i can catch information send by rendering pages not just messages made before page load
  • employee schedule can now acceppt mulitple appointments for a day
  • schedule validators are working so this prevents any double booking
  • the schedule is now much easier to read as I have changed the format
  • the schedule calendar build code is now 4 times as small (and tweaked)
  • the schedule is company time aware
  • just got to make it so i can swap Schuyler shown and add permissions so staff can only see there schedule
  • there is only 1 entry point, index.php
  • schedule items are validated client and server side
  • all the different user types (add here) mention guest and public - also in general order of authority
  • force_page add session option method = session but willl accpet get and session, perhaps cookie later
  • error handling no longer uses $_GET
  • a lot of page redirects no longer use $_GET , i will prbably be able to remove most $_GET commands and just leave module:page
  • error handling is vastly improved and now will show SQL errors, I might make this optional. it does not get recorded to the logs though. excellent for developing QWcrm
  • all code is now working - multiple schedules, multiple schedule item per day and server side validation
  • workorder section transaltions have been updated and now submissions have messages displayed
  • login now uses the username (is this added to my list)
  • you can export schedule items as a vcard/icalendar , location information is native to vcard so is utilize properly by location software i.e. android phones, you can click the link and it will map it etc..
  • the schedule items are now show with edit links in the workorder schedule tab
  • when editing a schdule, if you have permission, you can alter who the schedule is assigned to
  • parts, cron, backup and restore removed as they were not used
  • added maintenance mode with its own tpl (not much there, for later usage).
  • added phpinfo (courtesy of joomla)
  • possiblitiy to add custom content plugins (where you can parse the page and change aspects of it using such things as regex)
  • i will now be able to send custom headers or headers such as forward security
  • can now use headers to redirect pages which is much quicker than the javascript method used
  • ics calendar output has scope, wo description, schedule notes and contact information. it is also in plain text and html versions

My Version releases

  1. Initialrelease (code rebuild, major bug fixes, hopefully new smarty and adodb, easy upgrade mechanism, remove all dead code and modules, fully translatable), language system upgrade (removal of duplicates, not using xml, language specific settings, database tidy)​, I will also add proper i18n international language support
  2. bug fixes, feedback and documentation
  3. Template upgrade (including shared template blocks and unifying of code, enable template system, bootstrap and mobile friendly)
  4. New Features (quote system)
  5. API
  6. Android APP

For Now

I have a few issues and bugs to fix but I am going to concentrate on making the website interactive and setting it out properly. For the last 3 months most of my time has been going into QWcrm. I would like to give you a time line when i can release it but the code re-write keeps on bringin up long time issues that have to be fixed.


making site interactive
QWcrm First Progress Report

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