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Links and Knowledge Base Live

My Link Directory and Knowledge Base

I have finally got my knowlegebase (KB) and my links sections live. Well, whats special about these because there are lots of directories and KB on the internet.

For starters i have checked each link, described them, categorized them, and checked the links to make sure they are useful.

The 2 main categories theat i am most pleased about are the Media and SEO link sections.

Media Links

  • Are you a web designer or graphic artist that is always in need of photos, icons, vectors, textures and more?
  • You dont like paying lots of money to get high quality resources?
  • People have told you you can find free stuff on the web but usually they turn out to be low quality.
  • You have not got hours (or days) to go researching websites for free stuff because you need the project done.

This is where my Media Links Directory comes in handy. I have done the research. I have found hundreds of sites and articles of all sorts of design resources, categorized them in to all appropriate categories for easy browsing.

Where possible i have made notes on the license because there are many different types of free.

Have a browse, bookmark this site, you will use it as much as i do.

SEO Links

The SEO section is growing but i would get you to look at the tools section. I have searched the web for all those free and useful tools we come across and then 2 hours later have completely forgotten where they are.

Again i have categorized all of the tools in to some really usefull sections such as On-Page Optimization and Sitemaps.

The tools will make your life easier and probably can help automate tasks and make you look more professional to your clients (if you have any!).

I also have links to SEO articles that i have found useful and i will add more as i finish adding them.

The Rest

I cannot right about everything i have done, that would spoil it. Have a look around and hopefully you will find useful stuff and over the coming months i will add more to this site as time allows.


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